FAQ – Training

How much is a monthly subscription?
Only $7.50 a month

What do I get for my $7.50?
Classes – Each month you will have access to all of the classes offered by SVGCooP.com

Documentation – including screen shots and step by step instructions in PDF and Powerpoint

Sample Files – There will be sample files for you to practice with – and completed files for you to view

Thank You SVG Files – Each month you will have access to a set of SVG Files for personal use only.

Who should sign up?
Whether you are a beginner or you are well skilled there will be something here for you.

How many classes are available?
SVGCooP Training is a growing program.

What if I don’t understand or I have questions?
You can always contact me at Robin@svgcoop.com or through our facebook group messaging.

What will I learn?
I will be offering classes on how to create SVG files using Inkscape and Illustrator.  You will also learn how to use CDS and other software to make your creating time more productive.  I will also be offering classes on how to use vinyl, how to convert studio files to SVG files, and so much more.

Will I have access to classes that were posted before I signed up?
Yes, all of the classes will be available to you no matter when you sign up.

Can I download the class so I can watch without internet access?
Right now all the classes are online so you do need internet access to watch.

If I sign up on the last day of the month will I still get all of the SVG Thank You Files from the month?
Yes, all of the SVG Files will be available for download during the month that they were posted.

What happens if I forget to get my SVG Exclusive Files?
Email me at Robin@svgcoop.com – if you were a member during the month that they files were posted I will send you a link to download them.

Can I share the SVG Files or use them for my business?
No, all these files are for personal use only.

How many Exclusive SVG Files will be included each month?
You will receive 10 – 15 SVG Files per month.