Mini Album Subscription Plans

We currently offer 4 Mini Album Subscription Plans:

  1. Monthly Plan:  $12.50 a month you can be a training member and get the mini albums each month.  That a savings of $7.50 a month. GREAT DEAL
  2. 3 Month Plan:  $30 for the 3 month Mini album & training subscription – That is a savings of $30 – SPECIAL PLAN PRICE – SIGN-Up in August 2017
  3. 1 Year Plan:  $120 for 1 year Mini album subscription & Training – That is a savings of $105 – BEST ANNUAL VALUE

Our best value is free training included with these three plans.

We also offer training only plans – visit the registration link below to find out more.

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Today’s Special Value: Beach SVG Files: Scrapbook, Gift ideas, shirt, summer vacation, crabs, lobster, gecko, tropical fish, drinking, surfing, pirate ship, titles

Today’s  Special Value:  Normally $5 today only $1.99


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You will receive 26 SVG files to go with your Beach Themed crafts. If you purchase the MA008-Beach Mini-Album the accessories are included.

As a designer I ensure that my files cut cleanly so that you can focus on the task at hand, crafting.

These designs are great for all kinds of gift ideas, scrapbooks, t-shirts, cards, any thing your imagination can come up with.

Files include:
3 Sheets to the wind title
Best beach day ever title
Basking under the palms title
Beach Life title
Beach Vacation title
Girls just wanna have sun title
Riding the waves title
Surfin title
Hangin with the locals title
To the beach title
Set of 3 crabs
Set of 6 tropical fish
Set of 4 geckos
Set of 2 Lobsters