Laundry Money Jar

Ok, so you have your child going off to college.  If they are anything like mine they are always mugging me for quarters for the laundry machines.  2 of my boys friends were having graduation parties today and he asked for me to make him a gift.  What better gift than a jar for them to keep their laundry quarters.  Of course, putting one in my laundry room is a good idea because change just magically pops out of my dryer all the time….  Can we say coffee fund!


The laundry file can be found under the “Other” category.

4 thoughts on “Laundry Money Jar

  1. How do you access the files to download to your computer and are they svgs files? I use a MAC and an Explore

  2. From the FREE SVG tab you can double click on any image inside of the folders and download it – once it is downloaded it will go to your download folder. From there you can open your CDS and click upload image. Select the image from your download folder that you would like to cut. Then you should be ready to go. If you would like more files and more info you can join our FB groups SVGCooP and SVGCooP Training – I also have lots of youtube videos and a training class on this site… Hope that helps 🙂 Thank you so much for contacting me.

  3. to Robin Morris: I am trying to join the FB group SVGCooP Share and have been told that it is a secret group! I cannot even found it when I do I search on FB. I already belong to and so I hope that you will allow me to become a member of your FB group. Thank you
    Marianne Petralia

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